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To improve publishing and reuse of data, Fusepool P3 develops software based on the Linked Data Platform (LDP) Recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards organization for the Web.

Fusepool P3 GUI

Fusepool P3

Publish: identify data sources for promoting your business
When revealing data, we work with data providers or third-party data developers to use structural and descriptive metadata to make the data more explicit for finding, consolidating, and interrogating it. The goal is to make publishing and reuse of linked data as easy as possible for the end user thanks to a thriving market economy with data publishers, developers, and consumers along the value chain.

Process: transform and enrich data to make it actionable
Data becomes machine-readable so that software programs can find and consume that data without the user intervening along all the steps in the data refinement process. It involves natural language processing to extract entities and classifications from raw text or the mapping of structured data sources, cleaning, and conversion into RDF. Then data interlinks to other data by pointing at it. Data reuse, involves reasoning based on the available metadata associated with the data to infer possibly related data resources.

Perform: deliver data for many use cases and devices
What our users say: The main tangible outcomes of the project is a set of integrated software components within the open-source Fusepool P3 platform.
  • Platform refers to the actual installation of the components in a concrete instance, local or in the cloud.
  • Ecosystem comprises all potentially interoperable and value-adding components developed within or outside the Fusepool projects.  Value-adding components from third-parties can interoperate via a Java OSGi wrapper or via simple RestAPIs.
  • Community stands for the many players along the data value chain around relevant Apache Software Foundation projects that support the integrated linked data publishing and processing workflow vision of Fusepool P3.

Creation and reuse of Linked Data components

Fusepool P3 provides a set of core software components for seamless data publishing, cleaning and extracting, as well as reuse and exploitation. Development and delivery is guided by the need of both data publishers and developers: close collaboration with public agencies ensures that some of their most pressing problems when publishing open data are solved while the involved SMEs and their developer communities serve as reference points for improving the uptake, reuse, and exploitation of open data through data-driven apps.

Many applications use open data records

Fusepool P3 fosters the uptake of open data because of its focus on an integrated publishing and development environment. Data publishers cannot be bothered with installing many different components and tweaking around to get results. Similarly, app developers at large want a stable and proven environment on which to run data-driven apps.

Enriching public data and user data across devices

Fusepool P3 goes beyond existing related projects because its focus is on creating a consistent and integrated software stack rather than individual applications. This enables data publishers to stream updated data and app developers to reuse that data without much manual intervention.


The Fusepool P3 partners all bring years of experience with Linked Data into the project. They follow the use-case-driven approach from the Fusepool SME project and applying that customer focus to Linked Data technology. Bern University of Applied Sciences partnered with Salzburg Research and innovative businesses Net7OpenLink SoftwareGeox TerinformatikaiSpazioDatiSwissdat, as well as data providers Province of Trento and Region of Tuscany.



Fusepool P3 was selected in a two-step competition and is now part- funded by the European Framework Program for Innovation under grant n° 609696.

Fusepool P3 fact sheet
Fusepool P3 and Fusepool SME digest and turn data from different sources into linked data to make data interoperable for reuse. P3 centers on tourism-related applications while SME focuses on technology intelligence and scouting. Both feature for their specific areas integrated components for various user-defined data that streamline the process of data extraction, transformation, indexing, interlinking and visualization. The goal is turning legacy data into linked data and making it available to third-parties to develop apps on top of it. Both projects contribute to Apache and provide showcase apps to inspire developers and end users to take it further.
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