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The goal of Fusepool P3 project is to make publishing and processing of public data as linked data easy. For this purpose Fusepool P3 develops a set of of software components that integrate seamlessly by well defined API basing on Linked Data Best Practices and the Linked Data Platform standard. Learn more about the overall platform as well as the APIs. If you like programming, learn how to write a transformer in Java.

Try out the reference implementation online or use the docker image, which is the recommended way for trying out. If you’ve installed Docker you can start the Fusepool reference implementation by executing:

docker run --privileged -d --name=p3-platform -p 80:80 -p 8181:8181 -p 8151:8151 -p 8200:8200 -p 8201:8201 -p 8202:8202 -p 8203:8203 -p 8204:8204 -p 8205:8205 -p 8300:8300 -p 8301:8301 -p 8302:8302 -p 8303:8303 -p 8304:8304 -p 8305:8305 -p 8306:8306 -p 8307:8307 -p 8308:8308 -p 8310:8310 fusepoolp3/platform-reference-implementat

Pipeline GUI

It is a graphical user interface to list the available transformers and provide functionality for creating pipelines.

Transformer APIs

The Transformer container APIs are implemented by a growing number of services that allow transforming data. Check out the following transformers.

P3 Dictionary Matcher
The dictionary matcher provides transformers the recognize entities from a SKOS taxonomy. For example the transformer with URI
will find mentions of New York Times category in a textual content.

P3 Batch Refine Transformer
The Batch Refine Transformers uses an Open Refine configuration file to transform some input data according to the OpenRefine transformation rule. For example this can be used to generate clean RDF.

P3 Geo Enriching transformer
The Geo Enriching Transformers enriches RDF data containing geographical locations with points of interests around these locations. The locations are taken from an URI that can be specified as a query parameter in the URI of the transformer. For example the transformer with URI
will enrich data with nearby pharmacies (assuming the data describes locations close to a pharmacy of Trentino).

P3 Pipeline Transformer
The Pipeline Transformer is a transformer executing a list of (other) transformers in sequence.

OpenLink RDF generating transformer
The Fusepool project partner OpenLink Software provides several transformers to transform data to RDF.

OpenLink annotating transformer
OpenLink Software also provides several transformers automatically generating annotations to textual content.