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News about Fusepool include all public events organized by Fusepool or where it was invited to present as well as all communications it published or where it was mentioned.



Public events organized by Fusepool or where it was invited to present which include workshops, conferences, hack-a-thons, and seminars.

16-17 Nov 2015, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
European Data Forum 2015
The European Data Forum (EDF) is a meeting place for industry, research, policymakers and community initiatives to discuss the challenges of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy and to develop suitable action plans for addressing these challenges.
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20-22 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal
ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform
Join us during ICT 2015 to network, follow interesting debates in the conference, hear the latest news on the European Commission's new policies and initiatives with regard to R&I in ICT, find information about funding opportunities and much more!
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4 - 6 Sep 2015, Palermo, Italy
OpenData in Sicily
ODS15: the first large gathering on OpenData in Sicily held by the open data community in the South of Italy with Fusepool P3 partners Province of Trento and Regione Toscana.
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26 - 28 Aug 2015, Istanbul, Turkey
OpenLivingLab Days 2015
OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community integrated with the popular ENoLL Summer School. The annual 4 day event includes interactive sessions, workshops, lively discussion panels with excursions and off-site visits with the aim of giving the participants a wider insight about models, theories and technologies related to Living Labs.
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19 May 2015, Florence, Italy
Fusepool @ WWW2015
Fusepool P3 presents at the Linked Data track of WWW2015 and organizes an Après-Conference “Apericena”. Participants  see first-hand how they can benefit from Fusepool P3 (FP3), learn what FP3 transformers can do and how they are configured to suit  unique requirements.
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25/26 Apr 2015, Berlin, Germany
Fusepool @ CodingDaVinci
Fusepool P3 was present as expert for Linked Data at CodingDaVinci 2015. CodingDaVinci is a yearly hackthon with cultural data from top cultural insitutions in Germany.
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28 Mar 2015, Bologna, Italy
LOD that works! Hackathon
LOD that works! is a hackathon where the winning teams awarded a Fusepool P3 contract to further develop the idea, from the 5th of April to the 17th of May 2015.
 more on Get FP3 > Spaghetti Open Data SOD15

19 Mar 2015, Bern, Switzerland
Linked Data Intro with Fusepool
Linked Data, Semantic Web, RDF, Triples? We dive into the details in a practical introduction with examples from Fusepool P3, targeted on developers which are used working with relational databases.
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17 Nov 2014, Budapest, Hungary
Fusepool @ ApacheCon Europe
ApacheCon brings together the open source community and projects driving the future of open source, big data and cloud computing.
 Linked Data track > Apache Marmotta Workshop

11 Oct 2014, Pisa, Italy
Fusepool @ Internet Festival
The digital revolution is born out of mines bursting with an inexhaustible supply of binary numbers, which when put together, generate big data, the vital substratum for complex matter.
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11 Apr - 18 May 2014, Berlin, Germany
Fusepool Data|Hack|Award
1st round: Apply for the Bootcamp!
2nd round: develop your ideas into prototypes and get one of 10 awards!
 Data:Hack Award

23 - 24 Jan 2014, Trento, Italy
Fusepool P3 Kickoff
Fusepool P3 Kick-off Workshop.
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Fusepool communications and those where it was mentioned.

June 2015
Fusepool P3 Press Release
Fusepool P3 (FP3) has entered the large-scale testing phase! The flagship test case focuses on the acquisition and management of large library resources.
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11 Nov 2014
Implementation report for Apache Marmotta
Update to the LDP implementation report 
for Apache Marmotta (Acknowledgments to the Fusepool P3 FP7 Project).
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October 2014 [updated Dec 2014]
Fusepool P3 Press Release
Fusepool just released a first version for users, code-named 'Neil Amstrong'. Along with the release, a tutorial is available on How to write a Java P3 Transformer.
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July 2014
EC Communication
European Commission strategy to promote the data-driven economy in the EU, including cloud computing.
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January 2014
Fusepool P3 Press Release
To improve publishing and reuse of public data, Fusepool P3 develops tourism-related apps and software components based on the Linked Data Platform specification, a Working Draft by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
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Fusepool Twitter tweets and those where it was mentioned.